Substitute Mbah Marijan

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Mbah Marijan, has died, so who's going to be a substitute Mbah Marijan to become the caretaker of Mount Merapi? As news site written by, that substitute Mbah Marijan has confirmed the Keraton Yogyakarta will not take too long.Substitute Mbah Marijan will be assigned one to two months.

"Usually after a 40-day mourning period," said the clown-servants Pengageng Kawedanan Hageng Keraton Jogja GBPH Prabukusumo. Nevertheless, Prabukusumo say that candidates substitute of Mbah Marijan undecided. By tradition, the substitute caretaker Merapi could come from various walks of life. For example, representatives Mbah Marijan as caretaker, children or relatives Mbah Marijan, or people living on the slopes of Merapi.

"All can be considered," said Democratic Party chairman DPD DIJ. Filling positions caretaker Merapi will be handled by Pengageng Kawedanan Hageng Panitrapura led GBPH Joyokusumo. Panitrapura is a kind of secretariat of state institutions (State Secretariat) palace. "Dimas Joyo later in charge," he explained.

Furthermore, proposal from Panitrapura will be presented to Sultan Hamengkubuwono X. "The decision remains in the hands Ngarso Dalem (HB X)," said Prabukusumo that when a young prince named BRM Harumanto.

On the occasion, Prabukusumo states do not memorize whoever and how many palace courtiers who became caretaker. Includes courtiers who became vice Mbah Marijan become caretaker.
Palace has a lot of courtiers who served as caretaker. Locations include the tomb guarded caretaker relatives and palace ruins. For example, the tombs of kings Kotagede and Imogiri, Girilaya tomb, the tomb Banyusumurup, and several other palace tomb.

Another Petilasan equipped caretaker is Parangkusumo Beach, Dlepih Wonogiri, and Mount Lawu. Problem appointment substitute of Mbah Marijan, Sultan HB X states do not want to rush.

HB X reveals, the main task of the caretaker Merapi, among others, led the ceremony harbor in order to commemorate the anniversary of increase in the throne of an emperor.

Ponimin Not Substitute Mbah Maridjan
Meanwhile, on issues that will replace Mbah Marijan Ponimin as caretaker of Mount Merapi, the issue has to contest by Sultan Hamengkubuwono X.As news, Sultan said, citing that till now there is no designation as an interpreter Key Ponimin Merapi."The issue of replacement, it's still next year's ceremony," said Sultan Hamengkubuwono X, after meetings in coordination with the local government of Sleman District Command Post Pakem, Jl Kaliurang, Pakem, Sleman, Friday (29/10/2010).According to him, there has been no appointment of a new caretaker Merapi. According to him there are special procedures to appoint a caretaker."No one is appointed. That's not so designated, but there own procedure. In my administration there is usually a file, continue to be Abdi Dalem. The procedure is not so," he said.

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Yogyakarta Palace Claims Premonition of Mbah Maridjan’s Death

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Yogyakarta. The family of Indonesian icon Mbah Maridjan and the Yogyakarta Palace have confirmed that the 83-year-old gatekeeper of Yogyakarta’s Gunung Merapi was killed when the volcano erupted on Tuesday.

“Bapak [Mbah Maridjan] has gone,” his son-in-law Radjiman told the Jakarta Globe. “The funeral plan is not yet fixed because we are still waiting for several family members to arrive in Yogyakarta.”

Gusti Prabukusumo, the brother of Yogyakarta king Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X, contacted Sardjito Hospital on Wednesday morning to inform them about Maridjan’s distinguishing physical features.

“Gusti Prabukusumo said that Mbah Maridjan had bent thumbs,” Trisno said.

The gatekeeper was found dead in his house at Kinahrejo village. He was in a praying position.

The family have confirmed the body as belonging to Maridjan.

“But we also need valid medical data and will run a DNA test,” Trisno said.

Speaking on behalf of the Yogyakarta Palace, Gusti Prabukusumo said they had a premonition about Mbah Maridjan’s fate.

“We had known long before it happened that Mbah Maridjan would be taken by Merapi. Now that he's gone, we have to choose a new gatekeeper soon,” Prabukusumo said.

Born in 1927, Mbah Maridjan was the son of previous Merapi gatekeeper.

In 1970, he was chosen as one of Yogyakarta Palace's staff and was given a royal title of Mas Penewu Suroksohargo. In 1982, he replaced his father as the new gatekeeper. He was known for his dedication and loyalty to the king.

In 2006, he refused to leave his village even though Merapi already spewed lava and ash cloud out of confidence that the volcano would not erupt.

Mbah Maridjan was survived by his wife, Ponirah, 73, and five children.

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Merapi Erupts

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The eruption of Mount Merapi in Central Java and Yogyakarta border on Tuesday was not much when compared with previous eruptions.

The eruption in 1930 killed at least 1370 people in 13 villages on the slopes of Merapi. But this is not the biggest eruption. Precisely the largest eruption occurred in 1006. At that time covered the whole of Java volcanic ash. Unfortunately not known how many victims of the eruption.

Based on the records of Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, the first eruption of Mount Merapi experienced in 1006. Average Merapi erupted in a short cycle of 2-5 years, and secondary cycles every 5-7 years.

The longest cycle ever recorded after a break for more than 30 years, ie during the initial formation of an active volcano. Entering the 16th century, the longest cycle Merapi is a 71 year gap from 1587 to 1658 eruption.

Volcanology noted, a large eruption of Merapi occurred in 1006, 1786, 1822, 1872, and 1930. Previous eruption occurred four years ago, precisely on June 8, 2006 at 09:03.

When the government to evacuate 17 thousand people on the slopes of Merapi. However, two people sheltering in a bunker in Area Tourism Kaliadem, Kaliurang, just roasting hot clouds. Bunker could not protect the victim from wedhus gembel the temperature is still 500-600 degrees Celsius.

Tuesday afternoon, October 26, Merapi erupted again. The first eruption of Mount Merapi occurred since at 17:02 pm, followed by hot clouds for 9 minutes. Then repeated until the last eruption at 18:21 that cause hot clouds for 33 minutes.

This hot cloud has devastated several villages on the slopes of Merapi. At least 30 people died on the scene, including caretaker Mbah Maridjan.

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Music Vintage T Shirts: How to Pay Homage to Your Favorite Performers

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Listening to music is one of the top activities for almost any age group. People listen to music at home, in their cars, and at concerts. When a musician or band has had an impact on your life, you want to share that interest with the world. Wearing vintage T shirts with a music theme is one way to do it.

Some of the most popular nostalgic music T shirts people wear are based on The Beatles’ album covers. Those who were around during those times enjoy remembering the days when the group dominated the music scene. Younger people have discovered for themselves the beauty and charm of the Fab Four’s compositions. No matter what age you are, you can show respect for the genius of these musicians by wearingvintage T shirts that display their images.

When it comes to classic rock bands, you have many choices of which of their T shirts to wear. People never tire of wearing shirts with band designs like the Rolling Stone emblem printed on them. Others prefer the sharply angled letters of the Def Leppard logo. If you have gotten a kick out of the band’s music, you can wear the T shirts to proclaim your admiration of their performances.

Some people would rather wear T shirts that show their praise of individual performers from the past. People will always look up to John Lennon and want to remember his presence on the planet. Wearingvintage T shirts with his likeness keep his image fresh in the public eye.

Others will remember Bob Marley as one of the greats who had his own unique style of musical expression. You can find several different versions of the Bob Marley T shirts to wear. Some show an image of his face, while others simply show his name in an attractive text style.

If you want to wear T shirts of a group from the past, you might not always be able to find them ready to be made up and ordered. Do not be afraid to request a vintage T shirt from a particular band. The store might be able to help you by locating and getting the rights to use that band’s images or logos.

Once you have purchased your T shirts, the only question you have to answer is where to wear them. If the band or individual is still touring, you can wear your shirt to one of their concerts to show your dedication to the performer. For musicians that are strictly a part of your past, you can wear the nostalgic T shirts to picnics, parties, or to relax at a resort.

You will find that others who share your interest in the musicians will strike up conversations with you about songs that have been done and concerts that have taken place. Your love of music will be something you can show to the world when you wear your favorite performers’ images on your T shirts.

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How To Identify Your Customer Base Before Joining Franchise

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When you consider buying into a franchise the main ingredient that will insure your success is identifying and understanding your customer base. Most franchise businesses will offer realistic projections of potential customers, but there are some that present misleading information that may make the opportunity appear more destined for success than it can possibly achieve.

To better relate to the business and the potential for customers, relate it to many of the online dating services. Seriously, not that this is the suggested business, but it can give a better understanding about how to calculate the available customer base for nearly any type of business venture.

First, consider some of the largest services that claim they boast a membership base of 20 million, just for the sake of round numbers. The site has a policy that while these 20 million are registered members, unless they pay for their membership they cannot contact other members nor can they be contacted. Currently, most dating services boast about a 30 percent paid membership so that 20 million member list is cut down to six million paid members that you can contact or who can contact you.

Lets presume that half of these members are of the same sex as you are, dropping the potential members that would want to meet you to three million. Still, that seems like a large number of possibilities, provided you are willing to travel around the globe for a date. Since only about 40 percent of dating service members reside in the United States, that eliminates another 1.8 million members, leaving you with only 1.2 million members of the opposite sex spread out around the country.

If these 1.2 million members are evenly divided among the 50 states, that means there are 24,000 possible dates in your home state, provided if age means nothing to you. Their personal profiles will eliminate many more and how they perceive your profile will put many more out of the picture, and when considering how far you and them are willing to travel for a date, it is a very real possibility that out of that 20 million membership base there are only a dozen or less potential dates living within 50 miles of your home town, makes the prospect of finding true romance more in perspective.

Before buying into the hype of a franchise business you will want to completely analyze the size and potential of your potential customer base to determine if it has the potential to create enough business to sustain your lifestyle. Consider the age and gender of the potential customers and compare it to the demographics of your town. You may find there is plenty of business to go around, or you may find you will be the only interested customer on the block.

Before you mortgage the homestead and sign the franchise lease is the time to conduct your research. Do not let buying a franchise be controlled by your desire to get into business for yourself. Make the decision based on the business that is the best for you to get into.

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How You Can Cure Your Cancer Naturally!

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Many films about cancer have been made in recent years, the most notable features a scientist who discovers the cure in a South American rain forest, only to lose it; cancer has killed untold millions, but each year the cure for this disease gets another step closer. Although there are other more awful diseases, this one holds the crown at the moment because of how often it is diagnosed; a cure would bring a sigh of relief everywhere. Research over the years has helped our understanding of cancer but not to the point where we are able to foretell exactly when it will happen.

Even now many people do not really understand what cancer is despite growing up with it all around them. Could it be true that we are all born with it? Well, it is a disease that’s characterized by a large number of cells that continue to grow and divide; they invade and destroy adjacent tissues and may even spread to other anatomical sites through a process called metastasis.

Benign tumors do not normally grow larger, metastasize or threaten the body and organs like malignant (cancerous) tumors do although it is possible for a malignant tumor to have started out as benign. Whilst it is not generally a young person’s disease, it can occur at any age; cancer is responsible for around 130,000 deaths for every one million people each year. Cancer is an abnormality in the body’s cells and can be caused by a number of agents including carcinogens or poisons such as smoke, infectious agents or radiation.

Just to confuse the issue more, it is possible inherit genes that may be pre-disposed to it as well as faulty genetic DNA replication. However this does not mean you will contract it as the relationship between carcinogens and an individual’s genetic makeup is a complex one.

Research into the cause of cancer continues around the globe and is the disease most frequently studied on a regular basis. More knowledge is being acquiredabout cancer each year. More information is being gathered about all illnesses and why some people are more prone to certain conditions. We all want to know more about the causes of cancer what we can do to help prevent this illness from striking.

The food you eat on a regular basis will have an effect on your health, especially in the future. Some believe it may even be causing a large number of cases in certain groups of people. Foods that could be a problem are Salt, sugar, saturated fat and cholesterol. Recent studies have shown that calcium received from dairy products can be harmful to men and could encourage the onset of prostate cancer.

Cancer can affect any part of the body from the bones, blood, skin or organs. nowhere is safe from it. Sometimes the disease is only picked up through routine screening. Usually the cancer is at an early stage and a person may have a better chance of being cured. the number of different types of cancer that can be treated has increased dramatically in recent years with so much intensive research being carried out. All this research is gradually leading towards more effective treatments for cancer and it is not always the terminal disease it used to be.

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Your Spiritual Journey is a Gift

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It’s easy to think that we have to do something, or experience something, remarkable to have a reason to share the story of our lives. We have a way of believing that our ordinary lives are just that, ordinary. The value in reaching out is missed in our poor estimation of what we have to offer. We wait for something big to happen to us before we recognize the importance of our journey. We don’t acknowledge the special gift we have to share. It’s the gift of our ordinary lives shared with others.

I joined a codependency support group. The people in my group are extraordinary. They’re not, although, extraordinary by a worldly definition. None of the people at the table are famous, exceedingly rich or outrageously successful. They are ordinary people living ordinary lives. I learn from their lives. They live simply, and honorably, in the face of great adversity. In fact, adversity transforms them, making them gentler, kinder and more forgiving. I admire their stamina and their confidence in God’s plan for their lives. Their journeys encourage me.

For a while, I felt like I had no business taking a spot at the table. I expected to have very little to offer, or receive from, the people sitting around me. Then, it started to happen. As stories were shared I began to connect with people. Some days I discovered that we had the same feelings. Other days I found myself working through the same problem as someone to the left or the right of me. Our lives began to intersect. Common threads connected their journeys to mine. Their stories filled my world with hope. I began to expect that I would have something to receive.

Some days, when the meeting was over, people would thank me for having shared. My journey touched others and encouraged them. They found healing through my expression of the simple, ordinary experiences of my life. My stories filled their world with hope. I began to see that I not only had something to receive, I had something to offer.

I began to see that I desired to share my journey. I knew my story wasn’t earth shattering or surprisingly unique. I knew it was an ordinary story about an ordinary life. I knew it had the regular ups, downs and in-betweens much like the lives of others. Yet, with all its ordinariness, I began to desire that my journey could be a gift. I have since prayed that my journey will have common threads that connect the lives of others to mine. God willing, my journey will touch and encourage others. Maybe lives will intersect and healing will be found in the expression of the simple, ordinary experiences of my life? That would be a gift for others and for me too.

I’m sharing my spiritual journey because I believe it is a gift with value. I’m also taking in the spiritual journeys around me. The journeys of others are encouraging my own spiritual growth and spiritual healing at this very time. We, the storytellers, are giving each otherthe gift of our stories. We can change the world with each retelling, because each retelling is an opportunity to touch someone’s life. Some part of ourjourney, big or small, can speak to those given the opportunity to take it in.

Perhaps you have an ordinary life that’s a little like mine? Maybe we should both share our journeys? Together we could reach out to even more people who could reach out as well. Imagine all the people who would realize that they are not alone. Imagine all the people who could be touched, encouraged and healed through the simple truth that a shared journey is a gift with value.

I have begun sharing my journey with those who would like to receive it. I’ve given my journey to some friends, and I’ve also begun to make it available to strangers and casual friends. People are being touched. Strangers are hearing my story and finding that their life is not so different from mine. People I know just a little arereaching out because they’ve discovered, through my story, that they are not alone. I’m not doing anything special to make this all happen. In fact, I don’t really make it happen at all. I just tell my story and God does the rest. It’s absolutely amazing.

People are walking in your shoes and they don’t even know it. Tell them about your own journey, and they’ll know the truth that they are not alone. You don’t need to be someone extraordinary to give the gift of your story. In fact, the journeys that change lives are often the ones that say, “I’ve been where you are.” An ordinary life has incredible power in the simple truth that it is very ordinary. If you have an ordinary life, you’ve got something valuableto share.

Maybe you’re intimidated by the idea of sharing your journey? I’ll give you one piece of advice that helped me get over my own intimidation: trust God. He’s big enough to connect your life tothe lives of others. If you’re faithful to share your life, God is ready, and very able, to honor your desire to reach out to others. He’s in the business of touching lives. Let Him use your life to touch others. Tell your story.

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